Friday, May 28, 2010

Does Your Blog Have A 7-Digit Alexa Rank

I couldn't come up with a good topic to post about, so I decided to post about Adgitize's special summer promotion. Those who are not members of Adgitize or do not know at all about it, Adgitize is an ad service on blogger's budget. Let me first write a small review of it.

As a publisher, you need (recommended) to show ads on your blog (maximum of 10 slots). You will get points for the ad views and the page views. You can also get 100 daily for writing 1 blog post (max 1 per day). You also get points by clicking on the Adgitize ads on other blogs (max 100 per day).

Now comes the main point, the advertisers. The cost of advertising your blog on the Adgitize network is only $14 per month. With this special promotion, you can easily get back $14.57, if not more. Now here's how you can do it -
1) As an advertiser, you will get 100 points daily.
2) You need to click on 51 adgitize ads (100 for publishers) on 51 different blogs to get 100 more points.
3) Write 1 post daily, you get 100 more points each day.
4) You will get more points for the page views and ad views. Other members have told from their experience that their page views increase by about 75+, daily. And because of the traffic, you will have a good Alexa rank too, as many Adgitize members use the Alexa toolbar. So if you have a 7 digit Alexa rank, there's every reason for you to advertise here.
So you have 300+ points. Now as per their special promotion, you will get a minimum of $0.47 for getting 300 points (plus you have some extra too). $0.47 for 31 days add up to make $14.57. So you can easily make some profit and also get some more visitors to your blog, a win-win situation.

This promotion will run through July 31, 2010. If they meet their goal of getting 25 new advertisers per month, they will run the promotion for the whole year. So what are you waiting for? If you are not a member yet, sign up here (affiliate link, will be great if you can help a fellow blogger out...haha..shameless promotion) and start advertising.
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