Sunday, May 16, 2010

Future Kitchen Concept - Aion

This may look like a command deck of a Starship Enterprise, but in real, this is a futuristic kitchen. And it not only looks like a command deck, but also shares another feature related to aerospace.

Designed by Antoin Lebrun, the Aion kitchen concept uses specialized plants developed by the aerospace industry. These plants are known for their cleaning and filtering properties. Apart from providing a renewable supply of fresh water and vegetable soap (while cleaning), they also filter smoke and fumes while cooking. 

For the cleaning purpose, simply putting the utensils in the sink and closing the hood will start the natural clean cycle. Further, the display shows the current status along with illuminated lights indicating cooking or washing etc. 
This is a very eco-friendly concept to reduce wastes and smoke, but unfortunately, it's just a concept at the moment.
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