Monday, May 24, 2010

NComputing U170 - USB Virtual Desktop

Before mentioning about the gadget, I will like you to ask those parents with two kids about the ideal solution for sharing time on a single computer. I think most parents will grow another grey hair instead of finding an ideal solution to it. Isn't that so?

Here come the NComputing U170 Virtual Desktop, a rather elegant solution to this problem, although it can easily be extended to suit a small business or a school set-up. The premise is simple - modern day PCs are so powerful that people (specially kids) use only a small fraction of the processor's capacity, and the U170 taps this unused resource so that a computer can be shared by many users.

All you have to do is plug the U170 into the PC via USB, connect the second set of monitor, keyboard and mouse and install the program on the host PC and voila! The second fully-functional independent PC is ready to go.

So what are the advantages? Well, there are many. Firstly, you just need to buy the U170 (about $100), a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and speakers. So you save money on RAMs, motherboards, processors, video cards and other hardwares. Further, you need to maintain only one PC with the OS and the anti-virus, so here also you save some money. You also save on electricity as it draws only about 2 watts of power, much less than an independent PC.

need to connect more PCs? Just add more U170s, upto 9 maximum. But if you are running a memory exhausting application like Photoshop on the host PC, then the connected PCs are bound to suffer. Well, the question is, do the kids need to use image and video editing softwares?
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