Friday, April 10, 2009

Going "GREEN"

If everything is going green, then why should the mobile market be left out???It all started with the Motorola "Renew", the world's first "GREEN" phone.

Motorola Renew

Motorola's new W233 Renew, a cell phone whose case is made from recycled water bottles (yeah, those water bottles made of plastic which we use in our daily life), is the world's first "GREEN" phone. Motorola claims that the phone, announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show gives an eco-friendly talk time of up to 9 hours and a “zero-carbon footprint”.

Motorola says it will pay, which sells carbon credits, an undisclosed sum for every Renew to offset the carbon dioxide used to manufacture, distribute, and operate the phone., in turn, says it will use the money to fund projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as wind farms and methane-trapping programs.A nice deal, isn't it???

Nokia Remade

Following Motorola's footsteps, other manufactures also began to show their concept GREEN phones. There's the Remade, a cell phone Nokia .Remade's case is also made from water bottles, as well as recycled aluminum cans and old tires (the keypad). The Remade makes claims to be green on the inside as well, with supposedly environmentally friendly printed electronics and an energy-saving display. And late last year, Sony Ericsson unveiled it's Green Heart, a phone with a biodegradable skin and an energy-smart charger that shuts off after it charges the phone.

And since the mobile market is so competetive, Samsung and other players may soon come out with their offers.
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