Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music on the Call

You’ve jammed your mobile phone’s memory with your favourite tracks to rock the party, but got disappointed with the tiny speakers playing party poopers!!!! Here’s a solution for that….

Just get some goofy speakers, and that’s it.

Sony Ericsson MPS100

Come on!!!Don’t think about the cost, it’s pretty cheap. You can get portable speakers for as low as Indian Rs. 500 (US $10).These are charged by the phone’s battery (yeah, your phone’s battery will drain faster). If you want more expensive ones, then go for the Sony Ericsson MPS100 for about Rs. 2500 (US $50) or the Altec Lansing T515 for about Rs. 2350 (US $47) which works via Bluetooth. Sound quality is pretty decent on these two, at least better than the phone’s speakers.

Altec Lansing T515

If you want FM Radio, then go for the Nokia MD-4 for about Rs. 3300 (US $66).

Nokia MD-4

And ya, if you are thinking that you will miss the call while listening to music, then you are wrong. These can easily switch to the phone mode. So, rock your party.

Disclaimer : The prices listed are the prices on offer in my Uncle’s shop in West Bengal, India. Prices will vary.
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