Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nio - Smart Search

Do you forget stuff everywhere you go ?? Do your things slip behind something and you waste your valuable time to locate it ??? Well, quit blaming yourself and try the Nio. It’s a Bluetooth security tag that links up your mobile and practically anything else you would like ----- may be your briefcase, a set of keys , or another mobile phone even!!!!

With the Nio, you then have the ability to be buzzed if your tracked belongings move out of the range with your cellphone. The software is pretty smart ---- you can set up specific times of the day you want to enable the alarm, say if you want protection during a long metro commute….

In addition, the software can keep track of multiple tags, and can activate a “find me” function on the tag , to help you locate the said item when it conveniently slips behind somewhere…(say , the sofa-cushion)!!!!

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