Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LG KM900 Arena

Long after the launch of the first generation iPhones, LG has come out with a phone which looks somewhat similar to the first generation iPhone. Named the LG KM900 Arena, the label “iPhone clone” wont be too harsh for this newest steed from LG’s stable.

The Arena really looks like a smaller version of the iPhone. Switch it on, and the Arena pays due homage to the Iphone’s menu icons ----- a familiar black background with a 4x4 grid of colourful icons. The build is excellent, even though the use of superlight metallic elements leaves it feeling a bit cheaper than it really is.

The main highlight is the cube interface (S-class 3-D user interface) ----- the 4 homescreens are placed on the sides of a cube that you roll by finger sweeps (much like HTC TouchFlo). There are enough animations and visual effects to enjoy on this phone.

The Arena comes with a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash. It has also got a media player capable of playing DivX. It also comes with Bluetooth 2.1, GPRS/EDGE, TY-out, Mobile tracker, Google Maps, Motion Sensor games and so on.The battery life is a bit of disappointment.

But where the iPhone beats the Arena by a long way is the applications.The limited set os apps will do the job, but the gear envy will soon follow when you see the limit to which the current iPhone apps have taken the platform.
So, even though the Arena is a snappy challenger, but the next iPhone is but a few months away…so you’d better wait for that.

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