Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cravendale "Magic" Jug

There's nothing like having a glass of fresh milk in the morning, along with some cornflakes or whatever. But what if you had left the milk out in the kitchen overnight and you are wondering whether the milk is still safe to drink or not. Worse, you throw it away even it was good enough to drink, or consume it when it was not fit for drinking.

Cravendale milk jug

To help you out in this situation, the guys at Cravendale Research and Development have created a "magic" jug which warns when the milk poured into it is sour. Not only that, the jug has got a LCD screen that displays the state of the milk, either FRESH or SOUR.

How does it do that? Magic? Well, nah. The jug's base has got a unique pH sensor which measures the acidity of the milk. It also has a alarm system which alerts when the milk turns sour. According to the guys at Cravendale, by using this "magic" jug, a huge wastage of milk can be reduced.
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