Saturday, April 3, 2010

Micro SIM for iPad

It seems that Steve Jobs is playing a mind game with the hackers and code-breakers. He has thrown down another challenge to the so-called "jailbreakers" (a term for the code-crackers) with his new gizmo - the iPad.

The suspicions back in January about the micro SIM format for the iPad has come out to be true. This SIM is different from the regular SIM used by the telecom industry. The SIM card for the iPad will have a 12mm by 15mm dimension, roughly half the size of the telecom industry's SIM, measuring 15 by 25. This micro SIM format is only used in the US in a GPS watch for children.

This is a bad news for the code-crackers and hackers who might have been hoping to snap up a grey market device and pop their 2G SIM cards into it, and hope to crack the code. Even though there are whispers that the normal SIM could be re-sized to make it compatible with the iPad, but it might have technical issues regarding the usability of such SIM cards.
So it won't be easy this time for the "jailbreakers".


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