Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking For A Sound System

Recently, my Intex 2.1 sound system has been giving me a lot of problems. To be fair, I don't like Intex speakers. One of my friends has got a Intex 5.1 system, and I don't like its sound quality. The treble is okay, but the bass...its just not there. Anyway, I have decided to upgrade my sound system for my PC, and I have decided to buy a 5.1 system this time. So, the search course with Google.

My budget is around 6000 INR (approx $130). So, the first search was something like "5.1 speakers for pc". From here. I went to a forum where two models got my attention - (1) Creative Inspire T6060 and (2) Altec Lansing VS3251. So, I searched again for these specific models. First was the Altec Lansing. But the very first impression was not good. I didn't like the looks, so its out. Next, the Creative Inspire. This one looks good, very modern. The review said that its a value for money product with very good sound quality. The only con is the wired remote (not wireless). Well, that's not a problem for me. Further, it costs about $100, so its pretty much inside my budget.

But wait a minute. The review also stated two more models - (1) Logitech X540 and (2) Logitech Z5500.
So, back to Google. First, the X540. This one looks good too. I think it looks better than the Creative. The satellites are wall-mountable, a feature which can come handy in my room. This too has a wired remote. Price?About $100 again.
Next is the Z5500. Oh man! This one is awesome. Look at the subwoofer. It has got plenty of features. And also comes with a SoundTouch Control Centre and a wireless remote. But oh! The Logitech guys broke my heart. This one will create a huge hole of 400 bucks in my pocket. So, goodbye to Z5500.

Back to the Creative and the Logitech X540. While reading more and more reviews of these two, suddenly one thing caught my attention. My default sound card that came with the Intel motherboard does not support surround sound. Which means that i won't be able to get the real surround sound effect that these two are capable of. I need a sound card. So I googled "Creative 5.1 sound card" (I knew Creative had one). Yup, got it. Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 will be good enough for a basic 5.1 system. But the price? Again I took help of Google with the keyword "price" attached to the previous search.  Woot woot! It costs only around $25, which means that either the Creative Inspire T6060 or the Logitech X540 plus the Creative Sound Blaster will be very much within my budget. But......there's still a BUT......The Logitech Z5500.....I want that......... :(
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