Monday, April 13, 2009

Motorola AURA - Forget Recession

The words "Recession" , "Credit Crunch" etc are missing from Motorola's dictionary , or at least it seems so. Or it may be that they are wanting to challenge this recession. And for this, the AURA is their answer, a style-led, low spec phone costing ......... errr (too little to be mentioned).

The phone costs almost $2000 , but it has got every reason to be so cheap (read the opposite). The phone's look is inspired by the design of the classic watches. It's body is made up of stainless steel and it has got an unusual swivel action. But the jewel of this phone is it's circular screen. It features 16 million colours, 480-pixel diameter and sits beneath a grade 1, 62-carat sapphire crystal lens which Motorola says is exceptionally scratch-resistant. It looks gorgeous, with pin-sharp detail going all the way to the edge of the elliptical lens.

Turn the phone, and you can see all the sophisticated mechanism of the screen and the swivel action. You got it right, this feature has also been inspired by those classical watches.
But apart from the looks, this phone has got nothing. A mere 2 mega pixel camera with not so good picture quality, a media player, somer basics games etc. It comes with a 2 GB onboard memory , but there's no memory card slot.Too bad.
Butttttt.....this phone is not for those looking for features, but for those wanting to show off a gem in hand. So the lack of features can be neglected.
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