Sunday, December 27, 2009

Google Maps "My Location"

Well, we are all familiar with Google Maps (both on computers and on mobiles).Recently, Google has launched a new feature for the mobile version of the Google Maps, "My Location".
The "My Location" feature is mainly for those phones which DO NOT have GPS feature. Still, it is capable of showing your position within 1000 meters of your actual position.And if you have GPS enabled handset, then off course it will show you your exact position.
So how does it work even without GPS?It's quite simple.The My Location feature uses the same technology that is being used while calling, texting etc, that is, through the network towers. Each network tower has got unique footprints. When we press the '0' button of our phone with the Google Maps application running, Google estimates your present location based on the unique footprint of the nearby tower. As said above, the accuracy can be within 1000 meters. This goes pretty close to GPS.
So what is the benefit of using My Location feature?It's simple too. Every time you want to search anything on the map, say restaurants, you are free from the hassle of finding out and entering your present location. Google will do that for you, that too without a GPS enabled phone. But yes, this feature is still in Beta, so sometimes you might get an error.

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