Sunday, March 28, 2010

What happened to "Gadget Freaks"???

This is the same old blog, "Gadget Freaks" (one or two Entrecard users might still recollect the black and lime green high-contrast layout), but this time with a new name, new layout and also a new address.

It all happened while I was trying to move to Wordpress with my own domain name and hosting. Everything went fine till the second stage, i.e., getting the domain name.  But the problem occurred in the final stage, and it was my mistake that I went for a cheap hosting (forgot the name of the hosting service provider). On the second day after the shifting, my blog just simply vanished. Huh!!

Then I had given up for quite a few months......because I had nothing. The address showed something else...tried to contact the service provider, but no response from them. Fortunately, I had a back-up of the post feeds from my previous blog, and I am starting with those. Bear with me, I am trying to build this from the scratch.....and this time, I will stay with Blogger.
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