Saturday, May 8, 2010

Notion Ink Adam

I have already mentioned about this product from the Indian company, Notion Ink, in my earlier post. but that was along with some other competitors, so this one is going to be a standalone post about the Adam.

After the fall of the biggies, it's upto this small Indian company to give some competition to the iPad. By "fall of the biggies", I am referring to HP and Microsoft who have called off their plans for the Slate and Courier respectively.

So start with the looks, the Adam has got a sleek look and design, one that will impress almost everyone. It's about 13 mm thick an is quite light weight at around 650 gm.
The powerhouse inside this tablet is something to watch out for, which maintains a good balance between speed and power. It's run by the Dual Core Cortex A-9 processor which gives a nice web experience, supports low power flash and enhances battery life. Further, the Nvidia Tegra 2 low power graphics card enables full flash acceleration, allowing to watch videos at 1080p resolution.
And did I mention enhanced battery life? Yup, the guys at Notion Ink claims that the Adam can play 140 hours of audio and 16 hours of HD video at one go. Now that is something to watch out for.

The display of this device needs a special mention. The 10.1 in Pixel Qi screen has transmissive, transflective and reflective display modes which can be used in regular times like while watching videos or web browsing. The non-Pixel Qi, low power display mode can be used while reading books. Its capacitive screen with multi-touch.

The Android interface has been nicely customized to suit the 10.1in screen of the Adam and has the multi tasking capability. The Adam also comes with a e-book client and supports all major e-book formats. A 3.2 MP swivel camera is mounted on the top. Connectivity options include WiFi and 3G.

But the best thing that will help the Adam to get some market share will be its price. It is believed that the Notion Ink guys will price it aggressively to attract many potential iPad customers. Off course you don't expect an awesome display like the iPad, or millions of apps to choose from the Apps Store, but if priced very aggressively as compared to the iPad, it will be a winner. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the launch date. The developers are still waiting to get a stable Flash for the Adam, then there would be a 2-months testing before it gets launched (source - Notion Ink Blog). So, we will have to wait for a longer time.
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