Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Peek Into The Future

The fast advent of technology and the new innovative ideas which result from it is not unknown to anyone. So what can we expect from the gadgets in the near future? We all have a lot of expectations from them, but here are a few prospects in terms of technology and design concepts.I repeat again, these are concepts.

Origami DVD Player
To ensure maximum portability, the Origami DVD Player concept uses an e-paper (a fully flexible display technology) which can be folded and crumbled in any manner. The screen folds back neatly in the whole thing becomes as small as the size of a DVD. As mentioned, this is just a concept.

We will get to see a lot of transparent displays in the future, and here's one such concept from HP - the Lim (Less Is More) Concept. It includes a transparent display, a wireless keyboard and has bamboo fabric across the aluminium frame. And yes, don't miss the virtual trackpad. 

 Eyemove PC
The Eyemove PC combines the functionality of a digital projector into one circular shaped device. No need for any monitors. Further, with the wireless controller, you can forget your mouse and keyboard. You have it all-in-one with the touchscreen wireless controller.

P-ISM Pen Style Computer
The P-ISM includes five (5) pens for the following five functions -
a) a pen-style cellular phone with handwriting data input
b) a pen-style projector
c) a pen-style camera/scanner
d) a virtual keyboard
e) a personal ID key, also pen-styled.
All the P-ISMs are connected with one another with short-ranged wireless communications.

I will update this if I get to know some more gadgets like this. By the Way, I have made a mistake in my previous post. I had missed the most important thing about that. The information provided was wrong. This time I have made sure that I leave no stone unturned in providing the correct information.

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