Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone 4 Updates

We all know that the iPhone 4 was put on sale in the US, France, Germany, Japan and the UK since yesterday. But what's more important are the news and facts surrounding the iPhone 4 and the iOS 4.0. In this post, I am going to make excerpts of some updates that I have got from the net.

To start things off, let's make a post-mortem of the hardware of the latest version of the iPhone. Check out this post by my blogging friend Shabnam Sultan - iPhone 4 : Inside Detailed View Of Various Parts.

Okay, enough of dissecting that costly device. Let's view it as a whole. Here's a first impression about the iPhone 4, hands on (by Geeky Gadgets) : iPhone 4 hands On - First Impressions.

New products are always accompanied by bugs and errors, and so was the iPhone 4. Here's a report about some yellow bands appearing on the iPhone screen, towards the bottom. Yellow Spot Display Issue On iPhone 4 by Tech Bitts.

Complains, complains and more complains. If you hold the iPhone in a wrong way, the bars will decrease. This is what Apple (and Steve Jobs) had to say as a solution - Steve Job Replies To Email About iPhone 4 Reception Issues by Tech Bitts.

Apple came up with a solution, but a temporary one, with an extra accessory for $29. Apple's Solution To Reception Problem In iPhone 4 by TechieZlounge.

I will keep on updating this post with further updates.
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