Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Will I Do With $100

This is my official entry to  Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving Contest.

Hmm...a tough question indeed. $100 can be used for many things, including some good deeds like donation and charity. Well, even though donations and charity will give me some good karma, but being honest as a college student, I will think numerous times before making any donations. So I strike out that option, and will use the $100 for my use (to be more precise, for my blog's).

But how?

We the bloggers always think about the amount we have to pay for hosting and domain names, specially is the blog is new and not giving even a cent back into my pocket. Things get more complex if we want to brand out blog, like getting a new theme (of course paid theme, for example Thesis or Ultimate Blogging Theme). and also for advertising.

Even though I have not decided what exactly I will do with the $100 (if I get), but I have got some ideas in my head. I will definitely keep a good amount out of that $100 to hold a contest in order to promote my new blog. But obviously it won't be possible without sponsors. I will also keep some amount either to pay the next hosting fee or save that amount for a new theme (either - or). So now just a little remains out of that $100 which I will use to advertise my new blog on Adgitize.

So you can see, the whole amount goes to blogging.

The following part is not within the context of the contest.
All the blah...blah... above can come true if I win (which I don't think I will). But I will be really happy if either Mommy Rubz or EihdraG wins this contest. It's not that I know these bloggers (I do know EihdraG a bit),  but there are some reasons for which I am telling this.
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