Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Note For EC Users

Hello Entrecard users...this is a short post specially for the EC advertisers on my blog.

Till date I haven't rejected a single ad request on this blog (even though I have rejected some on my other blog). But then, with so many cards using the default EC widget, it forced me to re-think my strategy of accepting all ads.

So from this today, I am going to reject all ad requests which use the default EC widget. I am also going to reject ads with indecent pictures.

Further, about dropping ECs, I will also try to drop less on the blogs which use the default EC widget.
Now the question is, why are you using the default thing? If tou are really serious about using the Entrecard system, why don't you upload a meaningful picture? That will also help to brand your blog. Now it's upto you. If you are reading this and using a default widget, THINK AGAIN.

That's all.

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