Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Help Me In A Contest

Hello everyone!
My last post was a bit strict one, but this one is about a request. I need some help this time, specially from the Entrecard community. To make things more clear, I have entered a blog contest with huge prizes at stake. Have a look at the prizes here.

But I am a bit late in entering the contest as the last date is July 25. So my contest entry has got only 2 more days to gain popularity. That's why I need some help. So if you can, please visit my contest entry "6 Do's For Blog Marketing With Twitter Fail" and all you have to do is retweet the post (my contest entry). There's already a Tweetmeme button provided. And it will be great if you can leave a comment.

Another thing to note : The score for popularity of the entry is only 30%. The rest 70% depends on the quality of the article. But still, 30% can make a huge difference.
I hope to get some help from the EC community. Have a great day.
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