Thursday, September 2, 2010

Entrecard Top Droppers For August

So it's already September, and it's time to thank all those who took the time to visit this blog. I know I am guilty of missing some days to drop back, but I try to drop on all the blogs with a custom widget. I have already mentioned that I will not drop on blogs with the default Entrecard widget. Further, I will also not accept ads with the default widget. And it's not only me, I guess all the experienced EC users are doing the same thing. Am I wrong?
Anyway, here's some link-love to my regular droppers. I must admit that Sheila is doing a great job with all her blogs. It's for the third time in a row that she's getting the top spot again.

Slightly Sarcastic
Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide
Traders' Hub
The Ad Master
Unofficial Chart Blog
Teen Suicide Blog
I Love Norfolk
Daily War News Blog
Singapore Playground

Now the problem is that because of a hard disk change, I have lost all the data about this theme, so I will need some time to find out how to change the 125x125 banners. Even though Sheila's Slightly Sarcastic should have got that spot, but I have decided to keep her other blog, The Ad Master for another month.

Again, a big thank you to all. Have a nice time.
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