Monday, May 3, 2010

Google "Translate For Animals"

Do you understand the meanings of all the sounds made by your pet? Even if you are very much familiar with your pet, I bet you don't understand all the communications that he/she might want to make. It is nothing new that there is a huge, and I mean really huge communication gap between humans and animals. The gap is so huge that humans were totally clueless about the animal sounds. But thanks to Google (yeah, king of everything.right?) that the gap is going to reduce to some extent.

"Translate For Animals" is the app that I am talking about. This Android app will translate animal sounds into meaningful English sentences or words. It is a beta application aiming to narrow the communication gap between humans and animals. Google has taken the help of the world's top language synthesis teams and also of the experts in the field of animal cognitive linguistics in order to develop this app.

This app is made for the Android phones. Using it is pretty easy. Just search the Android marketplace and install this app in your Android phone. Then record your pet's sound. The record will then be sent to their cloud database for processing purpose. It will be interpreted and transcribed in English to your phone. Then just hear the translated version. Simple, isn't it?

Nothing can be said about the accuracy, but this one is surely going to be a fun experience. While trying to know about the feelings of your pets, you will come much closer to them. And this will also increase your love for your pets.

Here's a link for a demo(opens in a new tab). Translate For Animals
Oh! I am sorry that I neglected the crucial thing about this app. Thanks to Arafat for letting me know about that. Check the comments section to know it. :P
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