Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 Gadgets For Dreaming, Not Owning

Which is the world's "most techiest" (sorry for that double-superlative) phone? How much will it cost? Whatever be it's cost, it is still not considered to be a thing of luxury unless the manufactures put some diamonds in it, and bring them to the market as "Designer" products meant only for the billionaires. Yes, with designers expanding their field, there are gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players which cost a few hundred dollars.
Here's a list of the world's 10 most expensive gadgets, sizzling in features as well as looks:

Most Expensive Computer
Well, you can't own this, but there's no harm in dreaming. The Earth Simulator, built by Japanese company NEC to evaluate the effects of global warming and solid earth geophysics. It also held the record of being the fastest supercomputer in the world between 2002-2004, capable of 35.86 trillion floating point calculations per second. In March 2009, it was replaced by Earth Simulator 2.
Price : 206,600,000 pounds.

Most Expensive Mobile Phone
The iPhone 3G Supreme, designed by a British company is said to be the most expensive mobile phone. Made from 22-carat gold, it has 136 diamonds in the front bezel and an Apple logo at the back with 53 diamonds. The button is made up of a rare diamond of 7.1 carats.
Price : 1.92 million pounds.

Most Expensive TV
Yalos Diamond, from the Italian manufacturer Keymat Industrie is the world's most expensive television. Plated in white gold and studded with 160 diamonds, the TV has 1080i and 720p HD picture format and a contrast ratio of 1200:1.
Price : 67,175 pounds.

Most Expensive Laptop 
Luxury brand Luvaglio London had announced in 2007 that it will release by special order the mosr expensive laptop ever sold. With a 17-inch widescreen LED lit screen, a Blu-ray drive, 128GB memory, an integrated cleaning device, and a diamond power button that doubles as the laptop security feature, the laptop would cost a million pounds.

Most Expensive MP3 Player
London-based Meng Duo Ltd launched the world?s most expensive media player — Presidential MP3 by Douglas J.  This one is studded with several diamonds and will be hand delivered to the buyer anywhere in the world.  The player includes 1GB of memory, a 65k color screen for video playback and support for audio and video file formats.
Price : 25,000 pounds.

Most Expensive Camera
The  Hasselblad H3DII-50 is the world's most expensive camera.  This multi-shot full-color camera comes with a 50-megapixel CCD sensor that captures four shots in a row, moving the sensor by one pixel between each shot to record full RGB values at each position.
Price : $34000.

Most Expensive Blackberry
UK-based designer Alexander Amosu has launched the most expensive Blackberry, made of 18-carat gold and studded with 4459 diamonds. The device can be personalized with the owner's name and company logo.
Price : $200,000

Most Expensive Computer Keyboard
Made from the hairs of virgins and then powdered with gold dust, the Happy Hacking keyboard by PFU is said to be the world's most expensive keyboards.  It lacks numeric keypad, and keys outside the typewriter key area are mainly accessible through the Fn key.
Price : 2190 pounds.

 Most Expensive Computer Mouse
Cast from 18 carat white gold and set with 59 brilliant cut diamonds, the most expensive mouse is manufactured by the Swiss brand Pat. it  comes with a 3-button wheel optical mouse design, options for USB or PS/2 connections for either PC or Mac and a 800 dpi Resolution. 
Price : 12,494 pounds.

Most Expensive Speakers
The Ultimate from Transmission Audio is the world's most expensive speaker. It consists of twelve 500W speakers, an Audio Laboratory BP-1 dual-mono power amp and a BC-1 preamp. Further, Ultimate also features forty 15″ subwoofers and another twenty-four 8″ woofers. On the high-midrange and high frequency levels, ribbon technology is employed for high fidelity and reliability. Each Ultimate speaker comes with its own 31,000 Watt power amplifiers. The manufacturer also claims the Ultimate can generate up to 146dB SPL.
Price : $2 million.

So.....well, nothing more to say after all these. Just dream...dream...and dream.

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