Saturday, July 24, 2010

World's Cheapest Tablet - From India

Previously, I have written about the Adam, a tablet which is being built by an Indian company, Notion Ink. But recently, according to Indian Express, Human Resource Department minister of India, Mr. Kapil Sibal revealed a tablet-like device (seems to be a 7 incher) which is in the developmental stage at the moment.

More About the Device
It will be a Linux-based, open source device with a touchscreen of 5/7/9 inches. It will have th basic features like office software, web browser, multimedia capabilities, PDF Reader and also video conferencing.

The Best Part Of The Story
Here comes the best thing about this device. The title of this post says that it is the cheapest tablet. And indeed it is (err...will be). It is estimated that in the beginning, it will cost around $35. It is believed that the price will drop further, ultimately to $10.
So, how will people accept this "Poor Man's Tablet" ?Will every citizen own a touchscreen device? We will have to wait and see.

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